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Name:Les Miserables Anon Meme
Location:Paris, France
Posting Access:Anybody
This is a Les Miserables anon meme.

The rules so far:

1) Do not be that much of an arsehole.

2) Outing people's real names and/or locations counts as being that much of an arsehole.

3) Try to name your threads.

4) This meme is a Choose Not To Warn experience. If you want to post a warning for something, please feel free, but it's not compulsory.

5) Meme away.

These rules were shamelessly stolen from Fail Fandom Anon, where this meme had its genesis.

Unlike Fail Fandom Anon, this meme does not currently ban embeds, religion or eating disorders/fatwank. All of these rules are subject to change without notice if they become ~problematic~.

Interests (32):

bahorel, bishop myriel, bossuet, bread, combeferre, cosette, courfeyrac, dead french people, enjolras, eponine thénardier, fantine, feuilly, france, gavroche, grantaire, gymont, history, inspector javert, jean prouvaire, jean valjean, joly, les miserables, lesgle, madame thénardier, marius pontmercy, monsieur madeleine, of course his first name is inspector, please punish me m. le maire, sad dead french people, sad french people, the june rebellion, thénardier
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